En ligne téléchargement gratuit Guide of Conversation I speak French Volume 1 Sound Tracked pdf ebook

En ligne téléchargement gratuit Guide of Conversation I speak French Volume 1 Sound Tracked pdf ebook

Guide of Conversation I speak French Volume 1 Sound Tracked

  • ISBN: B004IZLV6U
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  • Langues: Français
  • Évaluation: 4.4/5 (Votes: 1577)
  • Broché: 196 des pages
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Description du produit

6000+ French words, 85 topics, 1600+ tracks/expressions 525 kbit (eBook) + 69.2 Mbits (Sound) -buy sound files from www.01mobi.com (Parisian French) -works also without sound files because of pronunciation description A MUST* for your travel! The sound tracked Guide is: • a very helpful travel companion • a vital need (hotel, travel, medical services) • useful for professionals and students *French pronunciation is not simple. This makes the traditional Guides without sound tracks less useful.  SIMPLE, NATURAL, HELPFUL! Speak Instantly Parisian French! Find the topic and the expression in the source language (your language), read the expression in the target language (language you want to speak), read the pronunciation description, click the sound file, hear and reproduce the expression. That's all! 10 text Topics: Introduction: Letter of the Editor, How to use the Guide?, Versions and Variants, Practical Guide: Country General Information, Administration, Companies, The VISA, Survival advices, Useful contacts, Internet Links, Must to visit 75 Sound Tracked topics: Phonetics, Personal Pronouns, Verbs be, have, Numeral adjectives, Ordinals, Money, Quality, Colours, Adverbs, Time, The hour, The days of the week, The months, The seasons, Year, Century, Way to call, Greetings, Current life, Usual phrases, Questions, Thanks, Excuses, Acceptation, Refuse, Joy, Doubt, Surprise, Admiration, Desires, Meetings, Languages, Friendly subjects, Invitations, Regrets, Notices and Signs, Nationality, Family, Age and family situation, Professions, Work, Social activity, Organizations, Conferences, On the Street, Local Transport, Taxi, Rent-a-car, In the bus (tramway), In the metro, Bus, At the Railway station, Information, At the counter, Porter, Luggage, On the platform, In the compartment, Trip by plane, Ship Trip, At Seaport, On the boat, In the custom, In the hotel, At the arrival, At the departure, In the prefecture, In the police station, In the bank, In the Post office, Letters, General delivery post, Telegrams, Fax, Printed matter, Money Order, Parcel Service, At the telephone Guide Schema: (Source language)(Target language)(Pronunciation description)(Sound in the target language) Your device should have corresponding language fonts. Sound Files: Get the sound files (MP3) from  http://www.01mobi.com or http://ebook.01mobi.com The sound files are autonomous for more flexibility and can be used with external devices. Pronunciation: Keep to the sound file pronunciation. The written pronunciation description is adapted to international Latin languages. It will help you more easily to reproduce the sounds and memorise them. Versions and Variants Mobile version - MobiGuide: Works with Reader on most mobile and desktop devices (Smartphones, PocketPC, PDA, Blackberry, Palm, and PC, MP3 sound players). Sound files are autonomous. t&aBook (Text&AudioBook): Works on all iPod, MP3, WMA sound players with displays of the sound title. PC Windows version: Works on all PC with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista. Sound files are integrated in the book. Need other languages: From 40 to 40 sound tracked languages! Look for our Guides in sections: Travel, Languages, Dictionaries, and Business. More information on our web site www.01mobi.com

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